14 December 2020
Delovoy Peterburg – Bank Saint Petersburg bankrupted LLC Rif which owns land and buildings in St Petersburg and Vyborg. The price of property equals around 1 billion rubles. The case started in 2019, and in January 2020 the court of arbitration recognized the Bank’s claim in the amount of 552.2 million and introduced external administration of the debtor. The situation is analyzed by Irina Serova, the head of the St Petersburg regional office of Khrenov&Partners.
07 December 2020 released the results of its Pravo-300 annual ranking of law firms. This year, the ranking included the highest ever number of 389 participating firms assessed by 29 branches of law. The overall price of 12,653 projects submitted for 2020 ranking totaled 220 billion rubles.
27 November 2020
Courier of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) -  In his new article Dmitry Shniger, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Business and Corporate Law of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Senior Associate at Khrenov&Partners focuses on the legal aesthetics dilemma, which appears in the dominant sense that the legal content prevails over the legal form.
26 November 2020
Delovoy Peterburg - The year 2020 has added a lot of new interesting cases in the bankruptcy practice. They are not caused solely by COVID-19. The most prominent insolvency cases, as well as new trends in this area, were observed by Irina Serova, the head of the St Petersburg regional office of Khrenov&Partners.
02 November 2020 - The case of Marina Dunyushina is presently being reviewed by the Dorogomilovsky District Court of Moscow. The former head of Khimki Land Committee is accused of high-value fraud. Investigators believe that the former official illegally transferred a 20-hectare land lot in Khimki to IKEA. One piece of evidence is the fact that the relevant ruling of Khimki city administration in 1993 makes mention of the Land Code of the Russian Federation. This Code was only adopted in 2001, while in 1993 the Land Code of RSFSR was still in force. According to the investigation, the ruling was issued retroactively or simply falsified. The experts however don’t take these findings for granted; searching in databases demonstrates similar confusions with naming in both government rulings and High Court documents. Roman Belanov, a lawyer with Khrenov&Partners, shares his opinion.

07 October 2020
IFLR1000 published its annual rankings of national legal firms for all jurisdictions and practices.

Khrenov&Partners is recognized in Tier 4 of Restructuring and insolvency category for the Russian Federation.
23 September 2020 released the results of its regular Russian insolvency market study and published a ranking of legal firms that most often participate in insolvency cases in courts.

Khrenov&Partners joined the 4th group of the federal ranking among boutique companies.
21 August 2020
Delovoy Peterburg - The Committee on Road Management of the Leningrad Region appealed to the Arbitrary Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region following the inspections held at Kingissep District. In May 2020, the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko granted the Committee with the powers to check how the businesses follow the measures to counter the spread of COVID-19. According to the results of the inspection, most violations are the same, mainly the store personnel not wearing gloves. The Arbitrary Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region however rejected four claims by the Committee without consideration. Irina Serova, the head of St Petersburg regional office of Khrenov&Partners, provides her opinion on the matter.
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