Troubled Asset Recovery

Our main advantage is the ability to provide a full cycle of legal support in relation to the troubled asset / debt recovery.

A well-developed interaction algorithm is especially important if asset / debt recovery passes through the bankruptcy procedure.

We are able to ensure a well-coordinated cooperation of components of the system:

  • Law Firm

The key strength of Khrenov& Partners is dispute resolution and the recovery of troubled assets / debts.

Our permanent professional presence in most federal districts reduces time and financial costs.

Knowledge of local specifics in case of setting such a task allows us to quickly find a buyer for troubled asset / debt, sometimes not even entering court procedures.

  • Electronic Trading Platform (ETP)

Our stable and reliable partner is an electronic trading platform with an impeccable reputation, whose actions have never been found to be illegal or invalid.

Symbiosis of the Law Firm and ETP allows to successfully and quickly conduct trading, minimizing the risks of judicial appeal of results, and thereby shorten the duration of the case.

  • The Bid Process Organizer

In our scheme of work there is a separate legal entity - The Bid Process Organizer. Its presence makes it possible to more manage risks of contesting the results of trades.

  • Bankruptcy Trustees

For more than 10 years we have been successfully cooperating with a number of bankruptcy trustees with more than 150 completed procedures and admissions of forms I and II to information constituting state secrets.


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