Environment and Natural Resources

Khrenov & Partners’ advice to clients in the field of natural resources and the environment is founded on the lawyers’ comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of applying environmental, land, forest, water and other resource related law. Our environmental lawyers adopt a collaborative approach to serve a broad based spectrum of client needs by combining the expertise of regulatory professionals and the specialist skills of litigators.

The firm is at the forefront in supporting and defending clients’ interests in the following areas:

  • Licences and other permissions required for use and exploitation of natural resources;
  • Legal basis, process and conditions for transfer of natural resource use licences in cases of a company’s reorganization or bankruptcy;
  • Compliance with environmental legislation in oilfield production;
  • Disputes and reconciliation of contentious situations with state environmental agencies, i.e. Rosprirodnadzor, Rosnedr and Russia’s regional executive departments for forest preservation;
  • Legal consequences of environmental pollution resulting from oil spills;
  • Remedial measures such as re-cultivation and monetary compensation for environmental damage;
  • Legality of certain methods for calculating environmental damage (forestry and soil contamination etc.);
  • Legal consequences of air pollution from gas flaring;
  • Legal basis, procedures and terms for calculating costs incurred in the adoption of environment protection measures to offset against payments associated with environmental liability


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