Real Estate and Construction

The successful conclusion of a property sale, land transaction or completion of a construction project from a legal point of view, requires technical skills, a thorough understanding of the structure of the project and an ability to assess the likely risks. It also relies on an ability to put in place legal and contractual mechanisms regulating the legal relationship between the parties to a transaction. Guided by these principles and the experience they have accumulated, our lawyers are proficient in providing a comprehensive range of real estate and construction project legal services. The scope of these services includes:

  • structuring transactions and providing legal support in connection with projects involving land and other types of immovable property;
  • advising on mortgages and other encumbrances on property;
  • helping clients to understand and comply with legal obligations imposed by Russian regulatory authorities

In addition, the firm represents clients in court proceedings including disputes where property rights and construction issues are at stake. Such disputes may involve:

  • contesting legal orders, decisions and actions (as well as lack of action) on the part of central, local government and other regulatory authorities;
  • consequences of entering into transactions in connection with immovable property, including acquisitions;
  • property rights including various infringements of such rights;
  • invalidity of transactions and their consequences

Our Real Estate and Construction Practice Group is frequently retained to conduct a due diligence of property rights including:

  • legal status of a land plot or property/ building and associated servitudes;
  • validity of rights in relation to a building or land plot, as well as verifying procedures for registering such rights with the relevant state entity have been observed;
  • ensuring all formalities have been properly followed for the land plot to be assigned for civilian use and its inclusion in the land registry;
  • evaluating legal risks, making recommendations to minimize any identified risks

We provide legal support over the entire duration of a construction project, including advising on issues such as:

  • building permits and land earmarked for construction purposes;
  • land usage and building rights, land parceling and development;
  • joint investment and share participation considerations;
  • due diligence of land and property rights;
  • representing client interests before central and local government authorities and ensuring filing and registration formalities have been complied with

Another aspect of our legal services concerns property reclassification and changes to permitted uses of a land plot, in particular:

  • evaluating the legal status of a land plot according to the permitted uses attributed to the land plot;
  • assessing the expediency for reclassification of a land plot and its associated usage rights;
  • assisting with reclassification and changes to permitted uses of land plots


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