Khrenov & Partners has established an excellent reputation and highly valued expertise providing legal services in the area of bankruptcy and insolvency, acting for both debtors and creditors.

Our seasoned lawyers specialize in developing creative strategies and use tested legal approaches to protect the interests of clients in bankruptcy cases across diverse industries and in challenging circumstances. Extensive experience enables our professionals to competently calculate the optimal course of action to achieve a client’s goals, to minimize the risks and to maximize the results.

The firm’s lawyers have forged professional, mutually respectful and long standing relationships with trustees in bankruptcy. Khrenov & Partners is proud to represent and work with stakeholders such as strategic credit organizations and enterprises of national importance, while gaining insights and a vital understanding of the specific issues which arise in the industries where the firm’s clients operate. With multi-regional representation and substantive local knowledge, the firm is well placed to act as expert legal advisors to clients across Russia and in transnational bankruptcy cases.

Our team is expert in:

  • Recovery of assets of insolvent debtors;
  • Recovery of property wrongfully included in a bankruptcy estate;
  • Protecting interests of lenders and parties retaining property belonging to insolvent debtors; assisting in the recovery of a debtor’s property illegally acquired by third parties in favour of creditors whose demands are not satisfied during receivership

Aspects of our practice include protecting the interests of the debtor and creditor during bankruptcy proceedings and which include:

  • Assisting the head of a trustee in bankruptcy in preparing a register/petition of creditor claims and in conducting bankruptcy meetings of creditors;
  • Recording objections to unwarranted demands of creditors claiming inclusion into the register;
  • Preparing for and assisting in conducting meetings of creditors in bankruptcy;
  • Assisting a trustee in bankruptcy to optimize the liabilities of creditors and increase assets, deal with the bankruptcy estate: i.e. challenge transactions agreed to by the creditor, make claims for declaring transactions void when necessary;
  • Debt recovery from third parties;
  • Filing for recovery related to property liens, claims against guarantors;
  • Filing claims to hold persons whose behaviour led a creditor to bankruptcy, to be held jointly liable with the creditor
  • Filing claims to be included in the register of creditors in bankruptcy;
  • Confirming, according to court procedure, the basis of claims that have been lodged (in the event where they may be contested);
  • Disputing the basis for including claims of other creditors into the register;
  • Appealing against the actions of a trustee in bankruptcy;
  • Disputes concerning transactions entered into by the debtor;
  • Developing a strategy for voting at meetings of creditors in a bankruptcy;
  • Legal advice concerning transactions where claims are assigned to another creditor;
  • Drafting settlement agreements


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